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Murud Marina : Stay Front Of Murud Beach

Murud Marina Beach Resort is one of the unique and true beach destinations in Murud. We are your own stunning, relaxing, and private paradise facing the Murud Beach. Here, we provide you with cozy waterfront hotel rooms in Murud. With the effervescent flora, lush tropical landscape, and shady coconut palms, you and your family will surely be framed in a picturesque accommodation here in Murud Marina. For years, we have been creating an intimate and enticing island retreat for everyone from any parts of the world. Our sophisticated rooms are designed to give you comfort and convenience throughout your stay. Why Choose Murud Marina?

  • Go for your much need ‘me time’, family time or date and spend quiet moments with your loved ones and friends.
  • Experience all the comforts of a resort with enough seclusion, privacy, and peace by the wide open spaces.
  • Serene and calm locality away from the noise and crowded cities and spots. At Murud Marina Beach Resort, you will be united with nature feeling tranquil and contented.
  • Home-style dishes with naturally farm-grown vegetables and fruits that are served from our in-house restaurant with a smile. Savor a scrumptious meal under the shades of coconut trees.

We also have a restaurant that always serves delectable veg and non-veg foods that are prepared and cooked in the traditional Konkani culinary style. Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of activities in Murud Beach such as parasailing, water sports, etc. You can start right at the doors of Murud Marina Beach Resort. Complete your vacation with the thrill of staying in one of the yet to be discovered beaches in India. Every tourist and visitor is well-accommodated, entertained, and taken care of here at our resort. Rest assured that your time and money will be valued by our services. CALL 7276130105 for your reservations today!